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Nuclear Free Local Authorities tackle in practical ways, and within their powers, the problems posed by civil and military nuclear hazards. As the local government voice on nuclear issues, the NFLA are keen to encourage local authorities to adopt anti-nuclear policies and join our network – particularly as the Government plan for nuclear power to be part of the mix of energy supply for the UK over the next 40 years, and are spending billions of pounds each year on replacement nuclear weaponry. See the nuclear issues section to see why this is relevant to every local authority in the UK and Ireland.

The NFLA aims to:

NFLA Member Services

NFLA members and fees

Currently around 50 councils throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland support NFLA policy work. Member affiliation fees are determined by the size of population served by a local authority and are reviewed on a yearly basis. Currently, fees are in the range of £850 (authorities with populations below 100,000) to £5,000 (authorities with populations over 1,000,000) – see how to join the NFLA for more details.


NFLA Constitution

The NFLA Constitution

Service Plan

NFLA Service Plan 2015


Mayors for Peace

NFLA works closely with Mayors for Peace.

Mayors for Peace 2020 Vision Campaign

Creation of a UK & Ireland Mayors for Peace Chapter

Centenary of the first use of chemical weapons in WW1 & Ypres Mayors for Peace Conference - 'A Century of Weapons of Mass Destruction - Enough!'

The UK & Ireland Mayors for Peace Working Group formally agree to establish a 'UK & Ireland Mayors, Provosts Leader for Peace Chapter' at its meeting in Manchester Town Hall

Mayors for Peace Progress Report 2014

Mayors for Peace 2020 Vision Campaign Progress Report 2012


Cities for a Nuclear Free Europe

The NFLA are the UK & Ireland partner for Cities for a Nuclear Free Europe.

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