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24 November 2015 NFLA raises concerns over defence nuclear safety issues and nuclear weapon road convoys

17 November 2015 NFLA welcomes Mayor of Hiroshima's visit to Manchester and the UK Parliament and the Mayors for Peace statement on the Paris terrorist attacks

3 November 2015 NFLA All Ireland Forum agrees action on: UK submarines; Hinkley Point; decentralised energy

28 October 2015 NFLA All Ireland Forum meeting to consider recent concerns over near collisions between UK submarines and fishing trawlers, the risks of UK new nuclear and positive engagement on radiation safety

27 October 2015 NFLA submits its energy vision to the UK Energy and Climate Change Select Committee inquiry on developing low carbon infrastructure

22 October 2015 NFLA welcomes official accident report of the 'Atlantic Cartier' ship fire and its confirmation of weaknesses in cargo manifests for a number of its dangerous goods consignments (including all radioactivity consignments)

21 October 2015 NFLA notes only a participation agreement between China, UK and EDF is being agreed today for Hinkley Point C. Many hurdles still remain. NFLA calls instead for investment in renewables and decentralised energy.

12 October 2015 NFLA Welsh Forum members resolve to oppose Hinkley C, cuts to renewable energy, Trident replacement and raise concern on nuclear emergency planning risks

8 October 2015 NFLA welcome North Lanarkshire Council's resolution opposing Trident replacement and encourages other members to do likewise

22 September 2015 NFLA share in the lar ge levels of criticism over the Government's proposed financing deal to realise Hinkley Point C

21 September 2015 On International Peace Day, NFLA members are encouraged to endorse a joint statement calling for a nuclear weapons free world

The Lord Mayor of Manchester Councillor Paul Murphy signing the joint statement

10 September 2015 NFLA seeking answers as to why it has taken 5 months for MOD to admit that UK submarine collided with Northern Irish trawler off the County Down coast

26 August 2015 NFLA Scotland seminar considers transport of nuclear materials from Dounreay to Sellafield, radwaste policy and Scottish Councils role in developing low carbon energy policies

18 August 2015 NFLA Wales submission to the Welsh Government's radioactive waste community engagement policy urges a rethink of support for a deep underground waste repository

9 August 2015 The 2015 Nagasaki Peace Declaration by the Mayor of Nagasaki

6 August 2015 The 2015 Hiroshima Peace Declaration given this morning by Mayor Matsui of Hiroshima at the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of his city

4 August 2015 NFLA members in full solidarity with Hiroshima and Nagasaki to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the use of nuclear weapons

20 July 2015 NFLA submission to NuGen's Sellafield Moorside new nuclear consultation argues that the project will result in adverse impact which outweigh the benefits and should be cancelled

7 July 2015 NFLA Scotland submission to the Scottish Government's radioactive waste policy is broadly supportive but is concerned around the ongoing transportation of spent fuel from Dounreay to Sellafield

6 July 2015 NFLA Scotland report shows how Scottish Councils are leading the way to develop a low carbon energy revolution

3 July 2015 NFLA ask where UK energy policy is going If Energy Department receives 90% of cuts to its staffing budget

30 June 2015 NFLA nuclear emergency planning briefing calls for greater openness and transparency. It questions whether the UK could cope with a Fukushima scale accident

25 June 2015 NFLA nuclear safety briefing argues European authorities have dodged key safety questions and not fully learnt the lessons of Fukushima

17 June 2015 Letter from NFLA Chair to the Secretary of State for Defence: Trident whistleblower claims and the safety and security of nuclear weapon road convoys

8 June 2015 With NFLA seminar hearing that Trident submarines are "a disaster waiting to happen" it calls for urgent answers from the Ministry of Defence, not the beginning of a new Cold War

2 June 2015 NFLA Scotland seminar to hear about serious allegations by Trident submarine whistleblower and other Trident replacement issues

22 May 2015 NFLA concerned over impact of huge job cuts at Magnox on safe nuclear decommissioning and radioactive waste management

18 May 2015 NFLA calls for independent inquiry on serious allegations by Trident submarine whistleblower

11 May 2015 NFLA urges comprehensive nuclear policy review by new government and to rethink its nuclear advocacy

8 May 2015 NFLA remembers the life of NFLA Welsh Forum Chair, Councillor Ray Davies, who has sadly died

13 April 2015 Serious new safety issues for Areva's EPR design at Flamanville suggest yet more delays for Hinkley Point C

9 April 2015 As the Sellafield THORP plant reaches its 21st birthday, NFLA calls on the Government and the nuclear industry to reflect on expensive past mistakes for future nuclear policy

7 April 2015 NFLA submits response on UK Low Level Radioactive Waste Strategy advocating a radical change of tack by the nuclear industry

23 March 2015 NFLA urges MPs to not designate a 'Geological Disposal Facility' under the National Infrastructure planning system, over fears of reducing local democratic accountability and transparency

17 March 2015 NFLA publish briefing on small modular nuclear reactors – uncertain technology, uncosted designs and unlikely to be developed without massive public investment

10 March 2015 As the fourth anniversary of the Fukushima disaster approaches, NFLA argue that it is irresponsible to look to develop new nuclear reactors

4 March 2015 NFLA share concerns of Public Accounts Committee over soaring decommissioning costs at the Sellafield site

2 March 2015 NFLA submits views on the future of the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management – it needs to become more independent and it should investigate the Swedish model for radioactive waste management

25 February 2015 NFLA welcomes visit to Wales by former Japanese PM Naoto Kan and his message – 'Safe Nuclear is No Nuclear'

18 February 2015 NFLA welcomes Church of England statement on the need for a proper debate on Trident replacement

17 February 2015 NFLA share concerns over safety of aging nuclear reactors in the UK and across Europe

16 February 2015 NFLA submits response on the storage of intermediate level radioactive waste from dismantled submarines

9 February 2015 Recent incidents emphasise the NFLA’s real concern around the transportation of highly radioactive waste from Dounreay to Sellafield; and the transportation of nuclear weapon convoys through the UK

9 February 2015 More delays for Hinkley Point C? NFLA argue it is time to cancel the project and divert attention to a more effective energy policy

29 January 2015 NFLA and CNFE presents European energy study to the Parliamentary Environmental Audit Committee

20 January 2015 NFLA Welsh Forum calls on Welsh Government to follow Scottish direction & not UK Government policy on radioactive waste management

13 January 2015 UK Government's decision to strip NMP of £9bn Sellafield contract - another expensive nuclear policy debacle is finally resolved

22 December 2014 NFLA welcomes key European study which shows, under the same budgetary conditions, renewable energy is more cost effective than nuclear power

10 December 2014 NFLA All Ireland Forum seminar considers the marine environment implications to Ireland of a UK new nuclear programme and looks at what should be the future energy mix across Ireland

9 December 2014 NFLA report outlines unreliability of aging nuclear reactors and calls for radical alternative energy policy to be prioritised by Government

8 December 2014 NFLA submits its views on Wylfa new nuclear to Horizon Nuclear - the project will result in adverse local impacts , outweigh ing its proposed benefits, and it should be cancelled

26 November 2014 NFLA calls on Public Health England and the Environment Agency to fully investigate new radioactive particles found on beaches close to Sellafield

25 November 2014 NFLA holds its Annual Policy Seminar in Edinburgh considering the major nuclear policy trends for 2015 and the ongoing impact of the Fukushima disaster

24 November 2014 NFLA questions why the Ministry of Defence is making so many deals to develop Trident replacement a year before Parliament discusses it

21 November 2014 NFLA deeply concerned over "unauthorised" radioactive release at Dounreay and the "unacceptable behaviours and practices" by some of its staff

11 November 2014 NFLA ask how many other radium tipped dials and radioactive materials were dumped in the open seas, or remain in sites across the UK?

3 November 2014 Hiroshima trees sprout hope and peace in Manchester

29 October 2014 NFLA Scotland Forum seminar considers nuclear decommissioning, nuclear decontamination and waste issues, nuclear transportation concerns and an alternative nuclear free future

28 October 2014 NFLA alarmed, but not surprised, by leaked Sellafield photographs which show dilapidated state of parts of the site

27 October 2014 NFLA asks if our defence nuclear sector is truly safe given Faslane and Coulport released reports and incidents at other defence sites

23 October 2014 NFLA English Forum seminar considers defence nuclear safety concerns, nuclear weapon convoy incidents and the risks of nuclear weapon incidents

13 October 2014 The international nuclear safety consequences of Fukushima need to be considered in relation to recent nuclear safety incidents in Scotland and for new nuclear build at Hinkley Point

8 October 2014 NFLA and KIMO call for urgent inquiry into Parida nuclear waste transport fire off the Moray Firth

8 October 2014 NFLA is extremely disappointed with European Commission decision to approve modified UK Government Hinkley Point state aid deal and it welcomes proposed Austrian legal challenge of the decision

7 October 2014 As European Commission prepares to meet to discuss UK Government Hinkley Point deal, NFLA writes to Irish Government and welcomes Austrian response

25 September 2014 As the first International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons approaches, the NFLA supports a major commemorative event at the UN in Geneva

24 September 2014 NFLA supports Cities for a Nuclear Free Europe letter to the European Commission clarifying Hinkley Point state aid decision

8 September 2014 As groaning nuclear decommissioning budget continues to balloon, NFLA calls on all parties to get a grip of costs and to abandon new nuclear build

4 September 2014 With Heysham and Hartlepool closed until as late as December, NFLA argues now is the time to move from nuclear towards renewables

18 August 2014 NFLA publishes detailed report on how local authorities can play a pivotal future role in the development of low energy carbon projects in Britain and Ireland

12 August 2014 Why has it taken EDF 9 months to close down Hartlepool and Heysham nuclear reactor after the problem was originally found? NFLA notes over 25% of UK nuclear capacity is now offline.

11 August 2014 NFLA Scotland raises concerns over proposed changes to radioactive waste authorisations, which will lead to more incineration of waste and more road transports of waste

5 August 2014 NFLA remembers the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb anniversaries and joins in with their call for a nuclear weapons free world

30 July 2014 NFLA submits comments on Irish Government's Green Paper on energy - Ireland should say no to 'small' modular nuclear reactors and realise instead its huge renewable energy potential

29 July 2014 NFLA and KIMO highly concerned with proposal to transport highly radioactive waste by sea from Dounreay to Sellafield

28 July 2014 NFLA believe Government White Paper on radioactive waste management dilutes local government's decision-making role; and risks conflict between a decentralised 'voluntarism' process and the centralised national infrastructure planning process

23 July 2014 Bike for Peace / Mayors for Peace joint tour of Scotland

14 July 2014 Mayors for Peace Supports Bike for Peace Tour Around Scotland; For a Joint Campaign to Call for Nuclear Weapons Abolition

3 July 2014 NFLA meeting with the Secretary General of the International Maritime Organisation to discuss Atlantic Cartier report and concerns over the transport of nuclear materials

1 July 2014 NFLA support joint letter to 'The Guardian' raising concerns around the disappointing Trident Commission report

24 June 2014 As costs to the taxpayer for nuclear waste management and decommissioning grows by another £6.6 billion, NFLA urges complete review of the NDA and calls for an end to the new nuclear programme

4 June 2014 NFLA Welsh Forum calls on Welsh Government to follow Scottish direction & not UK Government policy on radioactive waste management

2 June 2014 NFLA welcomes Scottish Government draft renewable heat policy and urges it to be even bolder

15 May 2014 NFLA welcome publication of COMARE report on Dalgety Bay and other MOD owned sites and wonder why MOD has suppressed it for so long

14 May 2014 NFLA shares concerns about imminent radioactive discharges into the Blackwater River and Estuary in Essex

14 May 2014 NFLA say nuclear is the wrong direction for Ireland's energy needs

12 May 2014 NFLA calls on nuclear regulator and nuclear industry to improve on alarming number of nuclear security incidents

7 May 2014 Another safety incident at Sellafield - NFLA remains concerned about the safety of this sensitive facility

6 May 2014 NFLA response to Governments consultation on strategy to deal with naturally occurring radioactive materials - barriers should not be removed to permit new industries to create new waste streams

30 April 2014 NFLA comments on overseas origin nuclear fuel stored in the UK and the operation of the Sellafield Thorp plant - stop reprocessing now!

22 April 2014 NFLA concern over Drigg climate change report of future radiation leakage - where is the concept of intergenerational equity and what about other nuclear sites?

8 April 2014 NFLA All Ireland Forum holds its spring meeting in Newry to discuss nuclear issues affecting Ireland, shale gas and renewable energy developments

7 April 2014 NFLA welcomes other influential responses to the European Commission's consideration of state aid for UK new nuclear build

2 April 2014 NFLA congratulates Mayors for Peace in reaching 6000 members calling for a nuclear weapons free world

25 March 2014 NFLA Scotland supports Walk for Peace from the Scottish Parliament to the Faslane Trident base

24 March 2014 NFLA calls for ABWR Wylfa and Oldbury proposed reactors not to be 'justified' due to health, energy market and economic reasons at packed Welsh Forum joint meeting

19 March 2014 Incidents at Dungeness and other sites - why does there remain such a lack of openness and transparency in the nuclear industry?

13 March 2014 NFLA Welsh Forum joins with other concerned groups to hold public meeting on whether Wylfa B is the right energy answer for North Wales

11 March 2014 NFLA remembers the third anniversary of the Fukushima disaster and the ongoing affect it is having in the world

11 March 2014 NFLA / CNFE / Stop Hinkley Joint Media release: The Europea Commission should reject UK Government deal with EDF for financing Hinkley Point nuclear reactors. It is illegal state aid and a distortion of the electricity market.

6 March 2014 NFLA wonders why it has taken the UK Government almost two years to admit serious issues in the reactor core of test nuclear submarines

5 March 2014 NFLA welcome new international report on nuclear security by Jan Willem Storm van Leeuwen, published by Wise International, knidly reproduced with the permission of the report author

4 March 2014 NFLA publishes marine nuclear materials transportation briefing which raises concerns over emergency procedures for lower level mixed material vessel shipments

3 February 2014 Trident replacement - is it time for a change to UK policy at last?

31 January 2014 Sellafield partial closure - NFLA extremely concerned about 'elevated' levels of radioactivity on the site

30 January 2014 Is the extreme winter weather likely to generate an increase of radioactivity doses on some coastal populations?

15 January 2014 Nuclear materials transportation - NFLA calls for urgent review to improve public safety after second train derailment in Cumbria

12 December 2013 NFLA tribute to Nelson Mandela – a true advocate of nuclear weapons disarmament

10 December 2013 NFLA re-elects Chair and considers key nuclear security and nuclear weapons concerns

10 December 2013 UK Government’s radioactive waste management consultation – NFLA’s final submission raises concerns around centralising nature of the policy

5 December 2013 NFLA Annual Policy considers nuclear security, the nuclear weapons debate for 2014 and 2015 and building up a Parliamentary coalition of support

25 November 2013 NFLA welcomes agreement signed between Iran and 'P5+1' countries as a positive sign for nuclear weapons non-proliferation

21 November 2013 NFLA English Forum seminar to consider the risks and transportation issues around radioactively contaminated metals

11 November 2013 NFLA reiterate concerns of the impact of a UK nuclear accident in Ireland; and calls on the Oireachtas Environment Committee to invite independent radiation specialists to give their own assessment

11 November 2013 Lord Mayor of Manchester holds reception for Mayors For Peace to support the call to abolish nuclear weapons

4 November 2013 NFLA calls on the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority to address urgently new revelations over Sellafield NMP’s lack of value for money

24 October 2013 Hinkley C, better renewable alternatives and the threat to green taxes – the NFLA view

15 October 2013 Following the discovery of major radioactive contamination at Dalgety Bay, are some Welsh ex WW2 bases similarly contaminated?

15 October 2013 UK radioactive waste management consultation – NFLA advocates that the Government goes back to the drawing board

14 October 2013 NFLA All Ireland Forum Galway seminar highlights councillor concerns over inadequate consultations leaving wind energy in the doldrums

14 October 2013 NFLA publishes report raising concerns over the radium legacy at Dalgety Bay; and asks how many more MOD sites could be affected?

6 October 2013 NFLA All Ireland Forum holds meeting on the extent of Sellafield derived waste on the west coast of Ireland, the prospects for Irish renewable energy and Ireland’s potential role to challenge UK new nuclear build

17 Septmber 2013 NFLA holds important joint seminar on nuclear emergency planning and the safety of nuclear weapon convoys

13 September 2013 Radioactive waste management consultation – why is DECC repeating again the mistakes of the past?

3 September 2013 NFLA and local groups want greater transparency from the NDA over proposed shipment of nuclear waste from Dounreay to United States

28 August 2013 NFLA alarmed about docking of Atlantic Cartier in Liverpool less than four months after it was involved in a major fire involving radioactive materials

9 August 2013 NFLA remembers Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear weapon attacks as terrible events which must never be repeated, and works with both cities for a nuclear weapons free world

29 July 2013 NFLA welcomes cancellation of Canadian contract to ship radioactive waste generators to Sweden, and calls on NDA to do the same

26 July 2013 NFLA pays tribute to Councillors Mike Rumney and Allison Hunter, former representatives, who have sadly died

5 July 2013 FSA cuts to monitoring radioactivity in food is a retrograde step

19 June 2013 Independent analysis of ONR’s nuclear reactor design approvals raises serious concerns over sufficient rigour in the final phase of the process

18 June 2013 Where are the anti-radiation pills meant to prevent cancers? No-one will say. by Rob Edwards

13 June 2013 NFLA joint media release with Nukewatch: Scotland left to fend for itself during nuclear weapons accident exercise

6 June 2013 NFLA submits its views to DECC on the way forward with management of high and intermediate level radioactive waste

5 June 2013 NFLA All Ireland Forum seminar considers two major energy issues – What are the main risks to Ireland of a UK new nuclear programme? What would be the impact of a major Irish onshore wind programme?

21 May 2013 NFLA publishes reports on fuel poverty, energy efficiency and the Green Deal to emphasise the importance of energy demand management

20 May 2013 NFLA meets Vienna Environment Council to discuss further co-operation with the ‘Cities for a Nuclear Free Europe’ Network

14 May 2013 Centrica and SSE’s concerns on EDF’s new nuclear build project – surely proof that it should be stopped before more public money is wasted?

9 May 2013 NFLA Ireland Chairs meet Irish Government to discuss Sellafield issues, HMS Tireless leak and RPII report on UK new nuclear build

15 Apil 2013 NFLA Scotland holds important joint seminar on future trends in the nuclear weapons debate – former Mayor of Hiroshima, former New Zealand Arms Control Minister, and Bill Kidd MSP amongst the speakers

10 April 2013 NFLA Welsh Forum seminar considers Hinkley, Wylfa, energy futures, radioactivity in food and nuclear weapons matters

9 April 2013 NFLA pays tribute to George Regan, its former Chair, who has sadly died

19 March 2013 As Fukushima loses cooling power, NFLA is incredulous that UK Government gives new Hinkley Point reactor planning permission

11 March 2013 NFLA remembers the second anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster and its legacy on nuclear policy in the UK & Ireland

7 March 2013 NFLA submit response to FSA consultation on monitoring radioactivity in food – monitoring regime needs major improvements

5 March 2013 As new nuclear flounders, the NFLA advocate the UK Government taking up the NFLA’s ‘Energy Plan B’

22 February 2013 Nuclear new build and European Commission state subsidies issue: Potential EU delays mean the project is unfeasible; NFLA concerned on damage to renewable subsidies

12 February 2013 NFLA report shows the role a wide range of renewables can provide in our future energy mix and in ‘keeping the lights on’

30 January 2013 NFLA welcomes decision of Cumbria County Council to say no to developing a deep underground radioactive waste repository; now is the time for a complete overhaul of UK nuclear policy

30 January 2013 NFLA report considers whether shale gas and extraction is an ‘energy solution’ or an ‘environmental nightmare’

21 January 2013 Development of a deep underground radioactive waste repository – Cumbria’s decision should be for further postponement or to say ‘no’

8 January 2013 New Sizewell nuclear emergency plan – how is a 2.3 mile evacuation zone an improvement on a 1.5 mile zone?

19 December 2012 As Dounreay rail transports to Sellafield begin, NFLA notes an increase in accidents involving rail transports containing radioactive materials

10 December 2012 NFLA elects new Chairperson and hears about ‘Energiewende’ and developing new partnerships in the nuclear policy field

6 December 2012 NFLA holds 2012 Annual Policy Seminar on how to influence the international nuclear policy debate

5 December 2012 NFLA concerned about safety and waste issues in EDF’s decision to extend to 2023 operations at Hinkley Point B and Hunterston B

4 December 2012 NFLA comment on Irish Government Sellafield report – are we really that sure there are no risks to Ireland from the facility?

3 December 2012 NFLA comment on UK Energy Bill – some good proposals, some bad proposals and a lot left out

7 November 2012 NFLA joint submission on draft radioactive permits for proposed Hinkley Point C - the Environment Agency need to take on board key environmental concerns and improve their stakeholder engagement

7 November 2012 National Audit Report on the operation of Sellafield is a wake-up call over the long-term taxpayer costs for nuclear power

30 October 2012 NFLA comment on Hitachi £700 million deal for new nuclear at Wylfa and Oldbury – there remain better alternatives

23 October 2012 NFLA Welsh Forum seminar in Cardiff considers the key nuclear policy issues affecting Wales – Wylfa B, Welsh energy policy, climate change mitigation and could Trident come to Wales?

10 October 2012 NFLA All Ireland Forum seminar in Downpatrick considers the impact of a UK new nuclear build programme and whether shale gas is a realistic alternative to nuclear power or renewable energy

5 October 2012 As new nuclear build and radioactive waste options flounder, NFLA believes now is the time for a radical rethink in UK Government policy

3 October 2012 NFLA remembers the 60th anniversary of the first British atomic weapon test and the ongoing veterans campaign for justice

24 September 2012 NFLA co-operates with European Network of Cities concerned about nuclear power to influence EU institutions

17 September 2012 NFLA submits views on options for the storage of intermediate level radioactive waste in central and southern Scotland

14 September 2012 NFLA publishes emergency planning assessment of Fukushima and urges radical reform of UK nuclear emergency planning regulations

14 September 2012 NFLA welcomes Galway City Council as its newest member

14 August 2012 NFLA report shows how Scotland can lead a renewable energy revolution by following Germany’s ‘nuclear free’ vision

1 August 2012 NFLA members show solidarity with Hiroshima and Nagasaki on the 67th anniversaries of the nuclear weapon attacks

27 July 2012 NFLA submits views on plutonium reuse to UK Government – immobilisation rather than MoX fuel use urged by the NFLA

10 July 2012 DECC survey shows strong support for renewable energy and split support for new nuclear build – why not publicise it more widely?

9 July 2012 World Nuclear Status Report 2012 - by Mycle Schneider and Anthony Froggatt. An overview of the state of nuclear power around the world, reproduced with permission by the report authors.

6 July 2012 Fukushima – largely “a man-made disaster” according to Japanese report

5 July 2012 NFLA alarmed to hear of 263 fire incidents on UK nuclear submarines since 1987

28 June 2012 NFLA broadly welcomes Welsh Assembly energy inquiry but disagrees on its view over nuclear new build at Wylfa

18 June 2012 Trident replacement announcement could mean £4 billion of public money wasted on a project without full Parliamentary assent

14 June 2012 NFLA submits report to Energy & Climate Change Committee as energy inquiry raises political risks of no new nuclear build

12 June 2012 UK Government needs to stop putting unnecessary pressure on the nuclear regulator over approving new nuclear reactor designs

1 June 2012 Independent review highlights 30 safety issues delaying regulatory approval for EDF’s French nuclear reactor design

17 May 2012 NFLA publishes ‘Spinwatch’ report on nuclear subsidies on its website

17 May 2012 NFLA to raise concerns with ONR over worrying results from UK nuclear stress test reports

30 April 2012 NFLA/Stop Hinkley submission warns that Somerset will get long-term highly radioactive waste store through undemocratic process

19 April 2012 The Wider Economic Impacts of Nuclear Power, the fourth in a series of briefings, written by four former Executive Directors of Friends of the Earth: Tony Juniper, Jonathon Porritt, Charles Secrett and Tom Burke

18 April 2012 NFLA All Ireland Forum holds spring seminar on the risks of UK new nuclear build and the benefits of Irish Sustainable Energy Communities

17 April 2012 NFLA Policy Briefing outlines concerns over the movement of radioactively contaminated heat exchangers from Berkeley to Sweden

29 March 2012 NFLA welcomes the decision of RWE Npower and E-On decision to halt nuclear new build investment - now is the time to re-focus UK energy policy

27 March 2012 NFLA Welsh Forum Chair formally addresses the Welsh Assembly energy inquiry on the need for a ‘nuclear free, renewable rich’ future energy policy

23 March 2012 NFLA strongly opposes new NDA proposals to transport Dounreay spent radioactive fuels to Sellafield for security and environmental reasons

20 March 2012 NFLA submits its views on West Cumbrian deep-underground radioactive waste repository – Cumbria is not the right location for it

14 March 2012 NFLA Welsh Forum ‘surprised and disappointed’ with Welsh Government policy change on new nuclear build at Wylfa

12 March 2012 Remembering Fukushima – time for the building of an alternative energy policy?

1 March 2012 NFLA welcomes Guardian poll that shows 72% are opposed to new nuclear reactors being built in their area

28 February 2012 NFLA Welsh Forum holding cross-party panel on the future direction of Welsh energy policy

28 February 2012 NFLA raise nuclear emergency planning concerns in Greenpeace International report with DECC and ONR

23 February 2012 NFLA English Forum seminar discusses radiation and health, nuclear waste and nuclear emergency planning issues

21 February 2012 NFLA contacts Parliamentary Select Committee Chairs to call for reappraisal of National Policy Statements on new nuclear power

14 February 2012 NFLA submits its response to MOD on submarine dismantling – apply environmental principles and don’t build any more submarines

9 February 2012 NFLA Scotland seminar discusses concerns around Trident replacement, Dounreay radwaste rail transport, Dalgety Bay radioactive contamination and Rosyth nuclear subs dismantling

11 January 2012 NFLA raises concerns over the lack of information on marine radioactive discharges in the ONR ‘stress test’ nuclear reactors report

21 December 2011 NFLA calls on Defence Minister to initiate a policy review on how it deals with at least 15 radioactively contaminated military sites

15 December 2011 NFLA endorses Committee on Climate Change’s report around ‘green taxes’

14 December 2011 NFLA and other groups submit reports noting major concerns over significantly increased marine discharges and aerial emissions from a proposed new nuclear reactor at Hinkley Point

13 December 2011 NFLA publish nuclear emergency planning briefing and local authority survey of readiness and training

9 December 2011 NFLA submit detailed comments to the Trident Commission on the alternatives to a new nuclear weapons programme

1 December 2011 NFLA advocates that UK Government does not develop a new plutonium reprocessing facility at Sellafield; New evidence of near catastrophic failure at Fukushima needs to be looked at by the Office for Nuclear Regulation

1 December 2011 Councillor Brian Goodall of Fife Council elected new NFLA Chair; Northern Ireland Environment Minister welcomes the alternative energy and nuclear non-proliferation visions of the NFLA

23 November 2011 Northern Ireland Minister Alex Attwood speaking at NFLA meeting; Seminar considering nuclear new build, renewable energy and the future for energy policy in the British and Irish Isles

7 November 2011 NFLA Ireland seminar will show examples of how Ireland can be a major exporter in renewable energy, with Irish Councils playing their part

1 November 2011 The future direction of Scottish energy policy and NFLA concerns over fuel poverty in Scotland, letter to Scottish Energy Minister Fergus Ewing

1 November 2011 Proposed movement of Highly Active Radioactive Waste from Dounreay to Sellafield and other Scottish radioactive waste management issues, letter to Scottish Environment Minister Richard Lochhead

27 October Fukushima’s radiation emissions – has it been vastly under-estimated?

19 October 2011 NFLA puts forward its views to Welsh Environment Minister, councillors and the public on Wylfa B and wider Welsh energy policy

13 October 2011 C'llr magazine – NFLA calls for new clear thinking on UK energy

11 October 2011 NFLA Scotland report endorses positive moves towards renewables but urges the Scottish Government to develop consistent policies towards energy efficiency, district heating schemes & microgeneration

11 October 2011 NFLA ‘extremely disappointed’ with the complacency of Mike Weightman’s final nuclear safety review report

21 September 2011 NFLA welcome news of the 5000th Mayors for Peace member

21 September 2011 5000+ members - Mayors for Peace reaches important milestone as it continues its campaign for a nuclear weapons free world

19 September 2011 NFLA report shows the need for Wales to be given full control of its energy policy to develop a new energy revolution; submission to the Welsh Assembly energy inquiry urging a non-nuclear future energy policy Briefing Submission

15 September 2011 BBC Horizon Fukushima programme – where’s the balance and the right to reply? Letter to BBC

5 September 2011 NFLA report shows Ireland can be a major exporter in renewable energy with Irish Councils playing their part

2 September 2011 NFLA submit detailed response prior to Mike Weightman’s final nuclear safety review report – key issues in emergency planning, engineering and marine environmental protection need to be fully and urgently considered

19 August 2011 Fukushima and children’s health – an increase in thyroid cancer? One of several issues the Weightman review should consider

9 August 2011 Nagasaki Peace Declaration 2011: Nagasaki remembers bombing; mayor calls for shift away from nuclear energy

8 August 2011 NFLA shows leading role English Councils are playing in leading the local energy revolution without recourse to new nuclear build

6 August 2011 The City of Hiroshima Peace Declaration 2011

4 August 2011 NFLA members commemorate the 66th anniversary of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings

4 August 2011 Sellafield MOX plant closure – the closure of one white elephant should not be followed by developing another one

22 July 2011 NFLA Policy Briefing encourages NFLA and KIMO members to pass resolutions opposing Canadian nuclear waste shipments passing through UK and Scandinavian waters

6 July 2011 Mayors, councillors and NGOs meet to discuss alternatives to Trident, Joint Press Release Mayors for Peace UK / NFLA English Forum

28 June 2011 NFLA All Ireland Forum states its opposition to the building of new nuclear reactors in the UK. It urges the Irish Government to be more pro-active in challenging the risks of new nuclear from the UK

13 June 2011 NFLA supports important Westminster seminar on the future of nuclear power following the Fukushima disaster

6 June 2011 NFLA / NGO joint response to Energy Minister Chris Huhne’s letter of 11 May

23 May 2011 NFLA response to Mike Weightman’s interim nuclear safety review – bland reassurance when fundamental change is required

16 May 2011 COMARE report on leukaemia rates and Nuclear Power Plants – independent analysis indicates important flaws

11 May 2011 Response from Chris Hune to NFLA / NGO joint letter post-Fukushima

11 May 2011 NFLA All Ireland Forum Chair welcomes Wexford Borough Council as its newest member

5 May 2011 Nuclear Free Local Authorities supports joint complaint to BBC over Chernobyl documentary; NFLA welcomes WHO Chief’s remarks over commissioning an independent study over radiation effects

4 May 2011 Fallout – The Legacy of Chernobyl, Broadcast on 26Th April and 1st May, BBC Radio 4

20 April 2011 Nuclear Free Local Authorities urges UK Government to withdraw its consultation on nuclear third party liability until Fukushima learning points are known and acted upon

18 April 2011 Nuclear Free Local Authorities remembers the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster with commemorative concert and candlelit vigil

16 April 2011 Council of Canadians meets with key European groups to deepen opposition against Bruce Power's radioactive waste shipment

14 April 2011 NFLA raises 35 key issues in its response to UK nuclear safety review

12 April 2011 Fukushima now Level 7 nuclear incident – NFLA believes Weightman review must be widened in scope

30 March 2011 NFLA and other NGOs raise additional emergency planning concerns post Fukushima

27 March 2011 NFLA and nuclear concerned groups issue joint statement of 8 demands for UK nuclear safety following the Fukushima incident

16 March 2011 Japanese nuclear incident - why is the UK Government not temporarily closing down its oldest reactors for full safety checks like Germany?

14 March 2011 Japanese nuclear incident - NFLA say it emphasises the continuing folly of expanding nuclear power in the UK

28 February 2011 NFLA / KIMO ask why are Sellafield's Irish Sea radioactive discharges rising? Concern raised at OSPAR over the development of floating and submerged nuclear power plants

KIMO / Greenpeace International / NFLA paper on floating and submerged nuclear power plants

9 February 2011 NFLA opposes decision to transport huge Canadian radioactive waste
generator shipments across UK and Irish territorial waters

25 January 2011 How may exposures to low level radiation affect human health and should
we be worried about it? NFLA seminar seeks to find out.

4 January 2011 NFLA supports creation of community alliance concerned and opposed to new nuclear build in England and Wales

3 December 2010 NFLA report highlights concerns over aquatic radioactive discharges from UK new nuclear build programme into Irish Sea and North Sea

17 November 2010 NFLA’s response to the Redfern inquiry into Sellafield body parts scandal

9 November 2010 Celebrating 30 years of the ‘nuclear free’ movement– Mayor of Nagasaki and Lord Mayor of Manchester remember the originator of the Nuclear Free Local Authorities, Bill Risby

1 November 2010 Celebrating 30 years of the ‘nuclear free’ movement

20 September 2010 NFLA submission to AWE Aldermaston planning application for a hydrodyamics facility on the nuclear weapons site

5 August 2010 NFLA letter to the Health and Safety Executive regarding a fire at AWE Aldermaston

5 August 2010 NFLA calls for an open and independent inquiry into fire at Aldermaston

16 June 2010 NFLA questions safety of Nuclear Material Shipments going through the Irish Sea

16 June 2010 NFLA Report shows that local councils lack knowledge to handle a nuclear weapons accident

16 June 2010 NFLA considers the development of Scottish Radioactive Waste Policy

17 May 2010 NFLA Scotland asks new Secretary of State to clarify Trident policy

14 May 2010 NFLA urge new Government to withdraw and reconsider new build finance costs consultation

15 March 2010 Are Ireland’s coastline safe from radioactive discharges?

10 March 2010 Are new nuclear reactor designs safe?

9 March 2010 Should Wales go for renewable or nuclear energy?

3 March 2010 Trident, NPT and weapons convoys, the risks

1 March 2010 NFLA join Mayors for Peace delegation to Foreign Office

25 February 2010 How should Scotland react to Trident replacement?

19 February 2010 Response to NFLA Ireland from the Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland

15 January 2010 NFLA welcomes publication of Scottish radioactive waste policy

15 January 2010 NFLA makes hard-hitting submission to the ECC Select Committee

Nuclear Free Local Authorities media letters, December 2009

7 December 2009 Nuclear Free Local Authorities - continuing to campaign against nuclear new build concerns and nuclear weapons proliferation into 2010

23 November 2009 Major concerns over childhood cancer near nuclear sites - NFLA urge extension of new build consultation date

10 November 2009 NFLA Ireland oppose nuclear new build in UK

9 November 2009 NFLA oppose nuclear new build announcement

20 October 2009 Is the Irish coastline safe from radiation? NFLA urge more independent research

16 October 2009 NFLA Scotland Seminar: Scotland and nuclear – which way should it go?

8 October 2009 NFLA Ireland Seminar: How should Ireland respond to key energy and safety questions?

2 October 2009 NFLA Seminar: Major Infrastructure Planning – is there a democratic deficit?

30 September 2009 NFLA Chair Cllr Regan speaks at Scottish Parliament Nuclear Disarmament Group

25 September 2009 Media letters – September 2009

20 September 2009  NGO and NFLA Collaborative Workshop on New Nuclear Build, 18th September 2009

25 August 2009 NFLA letters to the media, August 2009

20 August 2009 Report on Mayors for Peace Conference, Hiroshima & Nagasaki 7-9 August 2009

Nuclear Free Local Authorities media letters, June and July 2009

16 July 2009
Nuclear Free Local Authorities (England &Wales) call for local energy revolution

16 July 2009
NFLA (Scotland) calls for local energy revolution

NFLA newsletter Issue 3, June 2009

17 June 2009
NFLA letters published in the Scotsman, regarding renewable energy and economic nuclear new build

16 June 2009
NFLA Scotland in ‘Silly’ secrecy over nuclear bomb convoys
, Rob Edwards article

NFLA newsletter Issue 2, May 2009

22 May 2009
NFLA concerns over Radioactive Leaks published in The Scotsman

21 May 2009
NFLA letter regarding Thorp power plant published in The Guardian

12 April 2009
NFLA appears in article in the Sunday Herald regarding nuclear shipments

New: NFLA newsletter – First Edition April 2009

21 April 2009
Press Release: A nuclear waste repository in Cumbria? What are the implications for the North West?

1 April 2009 
Press Release: What is the future energy and waste mix for Wales? Nuclear or renewable - or both?

27 March 2009
Press Release: The NFLA shares concerns with Norway over a critical accident at Sellafield

24 March 2009
NFLAs call on Government to hold a nuclear enquiry and stop delaying local energy revolution

16 March 2009
Councillor Bill Risby

25 February 2009
Press Release: NFLA Scotland – Scottish Local Authorities lead the way in promoting renewable energy

24 February 2009
Response to article in The Independent – Nuclear Power? Yes Please…

11 February 2009
NFLA welcomes President Obama’s commitment to a Nuclear Free World

Press release – NFLAs are back in business

UK and Irish Councils plan campaign against new nuclear stations

“No more nuclear waste” say Nuclear Free Councils

Planning White Paper: A Juggernaut for Nuclear Power

Welsh Councils Question Nuclear Policy

Conservative council leads the way in opposing new nuclear station

Nuclear Free Local Authorities Welcome Today's High Court Ruling Against the Government's Nuclear Consultation

New Regulations treat Planning Objectors like Terrorists

Government hits wrong target with announcement on new nuclear weapons

Government 'spin' recommendations on radioactive waste management

Nuclear Free Local Authorities Condemn 'Sham' Consultation on New Nuclear Stations

Government Energy Policy Endangers Key Radioactive Waste Recommendations

Government Nuclear Decision Flies in the Face of the Evidence

New Nuclear Stations to Evade Full Public Scrutiny