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Welcome to the Nuclear Free Local Authorities website. We hope you find the information here useful.

In the following pages you will find details about the range of NFLA research, policy and legal work.

This work is designed to assist local government in meeting its commitment to sustainable development, environmental protection and public safety.

Latest News

23 March 2015 NFLA urges MPs to not designate a 'Geological Disposal Facility' under the National Infrastructure planning system, over fears of reducing local democratic accountability and transparency

17 March 2015 NFLA publish briefing on small modular nuclear reactors - uncertain technology, uncosted designs and unlikely to be developed without massive public investment

10 March 2015 As the fourth anniversary of the Fukushima disaster approaches, NFLA argue that it is irresponsible to look to develop new nuclear reactors

4 March 2015 NFLA share concerns of Public Accounts Committee over soaring decommissioning costs at the Sellafield site

2 March 2015 NFLA submits views on the future of the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management - it needs to become more independent and it should investigate the Swedish model for radioactive waste management

25 February 2015 NFLA welcomes visit to Wales by former Japanese PM Naoto Kan and his message - 'Safe Nuclear is No Nuclear'

18 February 2015 NFLA welcomes Church of England statement on the need for a proper debate on Trident replacement

17 February 2015 NFLA share concerns over safety of aging nuclear reactors in the UK and across Europe

16 February 2015 NFLA submits response on the storage of intermediate level radioactive waste from dismantled submarines

9 February 2015 Recent incidents emphasise the NFLA's real concern around the transportation of highly radioactive waste from Dounreay to Sellafield; and the transportation of nuclear weapon convoys through the UK

9 February 2015 More delays for Hinkley Point C? NFLA argue it is time to cancel the project and divert attention to a more effective energy policy

29 January 2015 NFLA and CNFE presents European energy study to the Parliamentary Environmental Audit Committee

20 January 2015 NFLA Welsh Forum calls on Welsh Government to follow Scottish direction & not UK Government policy on radioactive waste management

13 January 2015 UK Government's decision to strip NMP of 9bn Sellafield contract - another expensive nuclear policy debacle is finally resolved

Coming Events

Joint NFLA English Forum / Steering Committee seminar, Manchester Town Hall, 20 March 2015

NFLA All Ireland Forum Spring 2015 Meeting, Newry, 27 March 2015


For information on coming events contact the NFLA Secretary on 00 44 (0)161 234 3244.

Recent Events

Come to Welcome and Hear Mr Naoto Kan, Prime Minister of Japan at the time of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster, Wylfa Power Station Gates / Anglesey Council Offices, Llangefni, 26 February 2015

NFLA All Ireland Forum business meeting & seminar - Ireland's future energy policy and UK nuclear update, Dublin City Hall, 12 December 2014

NFLA 2014 Annual General Meeting, Steering Committee and Policy Seminar, Diamond Jubilee Room, City Chambers, 253 High St, Edinburgh, EH1 1YJ, Friday November 28th, 2014

Workshop: Community-energy - Empowering local authorities and their communities to guide local sustainable energy roll-out, Dublin, 20 November 2014

Nuclear Free Local Authorities Welsh Forum Autumn Seminar 2014: Hinkley, Wylfa, radwaste policy, Council energy policies and Trident - key progress and new developments, Syndicate Room K, City Hall, Gorsedd Gardens Road, Cardiff, CF10 3ND, Friday 7th November 2014

NFLA Energy Policy Briefings

NFLA Policy Briefing 90: Realising a Welsh ‘Renewables Revolution’ in future energy policy, 14th September 2011

NFLA Policy Briefing 89: Realising the Scottish ‘Renewables Revolution’ in energy policy, 16th September 2011

NFLA Policy Briefing 87: How Ireland can benefit from a ‘Renewables Revolution’ in its future energy policy, 1st September 2011

NFLA Policy Briefing 86: Realising an English ‘Renewables Revolution’ in future energy policy, 8th August 2011

What does the NFLA do?

NFLA Service Plan 2014

NFLA Monthly Newsletters

NFLA Newsletter Vol 7 Issue 2, February 2015

NFLA Newsletter Vol 7 Issue 1, January 2015

NFLA Newsletter Vol 6 Issue 12, December 2014

NFLA Annual Newsletter

NFLA Annual Newsletter 2014

NFLA 30th anniversary

NFLA 30th anniversary report of proceedings


Low Level Radiation Conference

Final report

Submissions to the Nuclear New Build Consultations

NFLA Submission to the Energy & Climate Change Select Committee Inquiry into the UK Government Draft Energy Bill (June 2012)

Nuclear Safety Report on the Implications of the Fukushima Daiichi Incident – Submission by the Nuclear Free Local Authorities in Advance of the Final Report; Apenndix 1; Appendix 2 Additional addendum (September 2011)

NFLA supplementary note to the UK nuclear safety review following the Fukushima nuclear incident (April 2011)

Issues to consider in UK Nuclear Safety Review following the Fukushima Daiichi incident – submission by the Nuclear Free Local Authorities (April 2011)

Submission to UK Government consultation on funded decommissioning programme for new nuclear reactors (March 2011)

Submission to UK Government consultation on waste transfer pricing for new nuclear reactors (March 2011)

NFLA submission to DECC's updated National Energy Policy Statements

October 2010 response to EA GDA design – ‘NFLA response to the Environment Agency’s consultation on the generic design assessment (GDA) of new nuclear reactors’

NFLA response to UK Government’s justification for new nuclear power stations consultation

NFLA response to UK Government’s National Energy Policy Statements consultation

NFLA response to Energy and Climate Change Select Committee

NFLA response to North West Select Committee

New Nuclear Monitor Briefings

Issue 37 Small Modular Nuclear Reactors, the UK's long-term nuclear strategy and Ireland's future energy mix debate (March 2015)

Issue 36 Consultation on the Horizon Nuclear (Hitachi - GE) pre-application proposal to build an ABWR new nuclear reactor at Wylfa, Anglesey (October 2014)

Issue 35 Consultation on the Nuclear Industry Association's Application to Justify the UK Advanced Boiling Water Reactor (UK-ABWR) (March 2014)

NFLA General Policy Briefings

NFLA Policy Briefing 130: Rethinking Trident - influencing the Trident replacement and nuclear weapons debate, 27 February 2015

NFLA Policy Briefing 129: Summary of NFLA Steering Committee, Manchester Town Hall, 30th January 2015, 3 February 2015

NFLA Policy Briefing 128: Summary of NFLA Steering Committee, AGM and Annual Policy Seminar, Edinburgh City Chambers, 28th November 2014, 10 December 2014

Consultations & Inquiries

NFLA Welsh Forum submission to the Welsh Assembly Environment & Sustainability Committee energy inquiry (September 2011)

Submission of the Nuclear Free Local Authorities to the UK Government’s Consultation on the Implementation of Changes to the Paris - Brussels Conventions on Nuclear Third Party Liability (April 2011)

Submission to UK Government consultation on proposed electricity market reforms (March 2011)

NFLA Submission to NDA Draft Strategy Consultation (November 2010)

Radioactive Waste Briefing

Issue 55 Committee on Radioactive Waste Management Triennial Review 2015 (March 2015)

Issue 54 Ministry of Defence Public Consultation on Choosing a Site for the Interim Storage of Intermediate Level Radioactive Waste from Dismantled Nuclear Submarines (February 2015)

Issue 53 Response to the Review of Welsh Government Policy on the Management and Disposal of Higher Activity Radioactive Waste (January 2015)

Associated groups

NFLA co-operate with Mayors for Peace on nuclear weapons non-proliferation issues

NFLA co-operate with KIMO International on nuclear issues and marine pollution

The NFLA are the UK & Ireland partner for Cities for a Nuclear Free Europe.

Daily News

Nuclear Free Local Authorities initiated and part-fund a daily nuclear news monitoring service. Information about the service and how to subscribe can be found at: http://www.no2nuclearpower.org.uk/maillist/